Publisher Rates

We pay to all visitors in any country. we count 1 ip address for 1 view in 24 hours. Traffic quality affects the CPM rate, the better the quality of traffic, the higher CPM gets a few percent of the CPM price mentioned below. Similarly, if the quality of traffic is not good, CPM can be reduced by a few percent from the CPM price mentioned below

Negara Penghasilan per 1.000 Tampilan
Germany Rp.125.000,00
Qatar Rp.120.000,00
Kuwait Rp.120.000,00
United States Rp.115.000,00
Netherlands Rp.115.000,00
United Kingdom Rp.110.000,00
Canada Rp.102.000,00
Switzerland Rp.102.000,00
Sweden Rp.87.000,00
Spain Rp.87.000,00
Indonesia Rp.82.000,00
Oman Rp.78.000,00
France Rp.78.000,00
United Arab Emirates Rp.75.000,00
New Zealand Rp.72.000,00
Lebanon Rp.72.000,00
Saudi Arabia Rp.72.000,00
Norway Rp.72.000,00
Sudan Rp.72.000,00
Australia Rp.70.500,00
Bahrain Rp.63.000,00
Italy Rp.63.000,00
Egypt Rp.63.000,00
India Rp.57.000,00
Morocco Rp.57.000,00
Malaysia Rp.54.000,00
Japan Rp.48.000,00
Singapore Rp.42.000,00
Vietnam Rp.31.500,00
Seluruh Dunia (Semua Negara) Rp.30.000,00